ScoreTrip helps you to find a fair price for flights and helps you to travel more.

Secure Video Baby Monitor

Safe and Secure Mobile App to Monitor your Baby.
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Fitness Workout Tracker

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Business app for iPhone

App where you can find local businesses. If you need to find the nearest fitness club or you came to the new city and you want to rent a car. You can do this in Vouchify iOS app.


Game for iOS and Android

A block-type puzzle game which is easy, fun and challenging.
You have to put various type of blocks in a limited space. When a row or line is full, it gets eliminated. Player must prevent blocks filling in all space.


Geo-mobile marketing solution

Mobile application for iOS and Android that uses iBeacon and location services to tell users about nearest offers.

One Word

Multiplayer casual game for iOS

We developed a matchmaking game for iPhone. Users have to create as many words as they can from base word.
Connect your Facebook friends to play with you.


Pay rent online

App for paying rent in Ukraine online from your iPhone or Android device. You can check how much have you spent, pay online, check your receipts etc.


Casual game for iOS

A game, where you need to deliver the egg to the king. You have to use your math skills to do this.
It reached #1 place in Top Overall in Russian and Ukrainian App Store!